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Bill Davis is Associate Professor and Area Co-Coordinator of Photography at the Frostic School of Art. 

For more about the artist, visit  Instagram or

No Dark in Sight

Quality of light affects quality of life. Darkness is disenfranchised by light pollution. When night looks like day, we have a problem. Using the Bortle Night Brightness Scale, I make images in overly lit terrestrial sites. Focused on sustainable practice, I now realize we live in the false promise of a post-industrial revolution– immersed by inventions that dismantle the biosphere. Trained to see light as an ally, I now call it a frenemy. That may sound abstract but is not absurd. It’s okay to be afraid of the dark but less so to be unafraid of its absence. Thus, manufactured light is not a hero and darkness no enemy.

The collapsing biosphere cannot sustain consumer appetite for synthetic light. When night looks like night, we can embrace its lifeforce. No Dark in Sight exhibits why and how that matters by inviting populations to adopt foresight intelligence, employ reason, and manage their communities in less artificial ways.

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