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Patrick D.


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Patrick D. Wilson is Assistant Professor and Area Coordinator of Sculpture at the Frostic School of Art. 

For more about the artist, visit their website:

My work explores elements of constructing a sense of place through the layering, mediation, and remediation of information. This in turn opens questions of the natural and artificial experience of landscape, the picturesque, and the romantic notions of the sublime. Within my work, place exists as an idealized space, a space where specific infrastructure and architecture are stripped away, replaced by my own mimetic constructions. I am interested in the visual elements of the natural world, those that act as bookends for our experiences with sky and ground. Ultimately, I wish the work to induce a form of transportative experience; for the viewer to be placed at the axis point of a vast panorama of nostalgia and expectation, the past and future, distance and adjacency, longing and satisfaction.

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