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Detail from Wild Corporation: Executive Lounge
Archival pigment print, 2018

IKL: Various elements in this series seem exaggerated to an almost humorous degree, 

especially for example, facial expressions or the characters' simple physical gestures of reaching toward or turning away.  The high heel shoe is also an abundantly emphasized prop, and here we can see a pile of shoes.  Tell us about this specific element and how its recurrence bears meaning in these images. 

Mimi Kato on absurdity.

On AbsurdityMimi Kato
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The work uses satire to depict the female world. There are so many unreasonable and absurd circumstances into which women are forced to navigate their lives. I wanted to make this absurdity clear by using exaggeration and repeated use of symbols in the work. Using stereotypes and obvious language that we understand even though it is associated more with Japanese culture, my hope is the work conveys to the viewers this unfortunate rough reality that all women are dealing with.

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